Four Pillars of SEO: Why Relevance Matters to Search Engines

Our first post in this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) series covered an overview of SEO and the 4 pillars of SEO.  The first pillar to dive deeper into is “Relevance”.  When search engines such as Google use their algorithms to rank different sites, they want to ensure they give options to the user that are relevant to their search.  Search engines want to provide the information the user is looking for so people keep using their search engine.  

For example, if someone were to search for the term “mountain bike”, the user would be frustrated and potentially not use that search engine in the future if the results were all for road bikes.  This is why keywords in your site are so important.  You want to tell search engines what your website and web pages are about.  If you want users to find your “mountain bike” website, it is important to signal to search engines that your website is about mountain bikes.  To signal to search engines that your website is about mountain bikes, these “mountain bike” keywords need to be used in the content throughout your website.  It is critical to put these keywords in high value areas in your website.

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In the next post in this series, we will continue the conversation about keywords and how to choose the right keywords for your website.


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