Digital Marketing Process

Simplifying digital marketing for small businesses

You have lots to get done in a day. Spending hours tinkering with your website, SEO, and Google Analytics probably isn’t at the top of the list.

Our web design and SEO services are designed for busy professionals with big goals.


We’ll find out key information from the get-go.

At the beginning of any new project, we’ll get an information download from you to make sure we help you meet your strategic goals, timelines, and audiences. We respect your time with efficient meetings, and always send agendas in advance. The frequency and formats of check-in’s are always adapted to our client’s preferred style.


We’ll keep you informed, and deliver on promises.

Whether we’re building a brand new website, fixing a security breach, or enhancing your current site’s design or content, when it’s time for us to deliver on tactics we promise not to pester you with a million emails. You can trust us to do what we say we’ll do, and deliver it in a timely fashion – freeing up your time for your highest priorities.


Watch your investment pay off.

We’re committed to using data to track outcomes and inform smarter strategies. We promise to be transparent about what’s working and not working with your current digital strategy investments, so you can make the best decisions for your budget and time.


“We had a tight timeline on a project and Meredith was able to deliver a product with a great turnaround. Her willingness to get the job done quickly and correctly was truly appreciated.”

Tessa Wiles, Campspot

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