Values + Principles

Things that make us, us.

For us, this business isn’t just about earning money. It’s about contributing to a better world, in our own small way.

Values We Live By


Giving people the benefit of the doubt and treating people with respect is not only more fun, it works better too.


It’s important we do the right thing, deliver what we say, and say what we mean.


You deserve to know what you’re paying and what you’ll receive. We are transparent with costs and provide consistent check-in’s throughout the process. 


We’ve been helped by so many people to this point; we try to pay it forward in every way we can.

10% of every dollar earned is given back to community nonprofits including:

Baxter Community Center

Located in the heart of the Baxter neighborhood, Baxter Community Center is a community development organization that provides medical and dental services, a child development center, mentoring programs, and community services (food, clothing, gardening and canning classes).


Women’s Resource Center

Women’s Resource Center educates and empowers women with tools and strategies for finding employment, developing a career and becoming economically independent.

Blandford Nature Center

The mission of Blandford is to engage and empower the Grand Rapids community through enriching experiences in nature. Their vision is a thriving, diverse community that supports a healthy, natural world.


Benefits of Working with Simpler Site


Simpler Site’s project management systems keep you informed, not guessing.


Our team excels in delivering results. It’s why our clients stick with us for years.


We do what we say and say what we do. Your success is how we base ours.


Our nimble, driven team helps us keep project costs low and helps our clients meet goals.


Trust our data-centric approach to support cost-effective marketing decisions.