Web Design Portfolio

Take a look at a few web design projects we’ve been working on recently.

Product-Based Businesses

Nationwide Industries

Nationwide Industries asked us to build a website to showcase their 3,200+ products, elevate their brand and provide a seamless user experience. We also support onging site needs.

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Everett's Gardens

Everett’s Gardens wanted a new website and ongoing support to drive engagement through in-person events, share their current seasonal hours, and promote upcoming sales.

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Venture Imports

Venture Imports wanted to create a modern ecommerce site that would facilitate purchases for wholesale retailers and individual customers. We created an online store with a clean look and feel to drive conversions.

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Service-Based Businesses

Common Bond Mobile Bike Shop

Common Bond needed a modern website to introduce people to the business, share pricing information, and initiate the service booking process.

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Executive Auto Detailing

Executive Auto Detailing asked us to create a modern, mobile-friendly website that provides informational content, as well as the opportunity to book appointments online.

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Spero Psychiatric Services

Spero Psychiatric Services approached Simpler Site while launching their business to identify how they could market themselves and streamline operations online.

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Public Sector/Nonprofit Organizations

Discovery CRC

Discovery CRC wanted to provide clear, concise information about their church through a new website. We paid special attention to content strategy to build a straightforward, easy-to-maintain site.

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Cultivate Renewal

Cultivate Renewal wanted an informational website to promote retreats, workshops, and other consulting services. We also set up Cultivate Renewal’s social media and email marketing platforms.

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Bronson Healthcare

Bronson wanted a website to capture and display memorials submitted by event attendees. Each memorial submitted lit a digital candle a virtual vigil page.

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“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The entire process of designing and setting up a website took very little time and the end product is perfect. Josh and Meredith are great and I can’t recommend them enough.”

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