About Simpler Site

It’s nice to meet you.

Simpler Site is a small and dedicated digital marketing agency based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Meredith Fennema

President & Web Lead

Combining her public relations and marketing background with her passion for entrepreneurship and business, Meredith founded Simpler Site with a goal to serve as a strategic partner to organizations looking for digital support.

Meredith manages web design and maintenance for Simpler Site. Clients across the country appreciate Meredith’s commitment to growth, generosity and kindness, alongside Simpler Site’s practical, make-it-happen approach. 

Meredith studied Human Centered Design at Kendall College of Art and Design, earned her Foundations in Design Thinking and Designing Strategy certificates from IDEO U, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communications and Political Science from Calvin College.

In business and in life, Meredith believes in the power of embracing the unknown. Outside work she practices this with regularity through mountain bike and backpack adventures.

Contact: meredith@simplersite.co / (616) 920-9063

Joshua Hiemstra

Business Development Director & Data Lead

With 10+ years of engineering experience in medical and automotive manufacturing environments, Josh uses data analytics to help clients be strategic and achieve goals.

Josh manages keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), and Google Analytics for Simpler Site. Clients appreciate Josh’s ability to analyze complex data for implementable insights.

Josh earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from University of Michigan. At the University of Michigan Josh studied user experience and user interfaces. Josh has a Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certificate, an Advanced Google Analytics certificate, and Google Tag Manager certificate from Google and is also certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Outside work: kayaking, mountain biking, exploring Northern Michigan

Contact: josh@simplersite.co / (616) 822-3706

Values that guide our work

Respect: Giving people the benefit of the doubt and treating people with respect is not only more fun, it works better too.

Integrity: It’s important we do the right thing, deliver what we say, and say what we mean.

Transparency: You deserve to know what you’re paying and what you’ll receive. We are transparent with costs and provide consistent check-in’s throughout the process.

Generosity: We’ve been helped by so many people to this point; we try to pay it forward in every way we can. 10% of every dollar earned is given back to community nonprofits.


“It’s been great to work with Simpler Site on numerous websites and the SEO strategies and tactics to make it all work. I’m appreciative of the no-nonsense and easy to follow processes that they’ve implemented to help businesses get their websites up and running. I’d highly recommend them for simple one-page sites or more complex work.”

-Roberta King, APR

Our web design and SEO services are designed for busy professionals with big goals.

You have lots to get done in a day. Spending hours tinkering with your website, SEO, and Google Analytics probably isn’t at the top of the list. Our services are designed so you can choose how hands on or off you want to be.

Benefits of Working with Simpler Site


Simpler Site's project management systems keep you informed, not guessing.


Our team excels in delivering results. It’s why our clients stick with us for years.


We do what we say and say what we do. Your success is how we base ours.


Our nimble, driven team helps us keep project costs low and helps our clients meet goals.


Trust our data-centric approach to support cost-effective marketing decisions.

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