Meet Meredith Fennema, President & Web Lead

How did your career in marketing prepare you for this role?

I began my career advancing good in the nonprofit sector working in the ArtPrize, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, and Council of Michigan Foundations marketing departments. This helped me hone my strategic communications, digital marketing, and media relations skills. 

What led you to launch Simpler Site?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and love taking on a good challenge. Back in my marketing days I began tinkering with a startup idea that required software development, so I decided to dive into the world of all things WordPress! That startup ran into hurdles, but my love for combining marketing and code emerged—and so did Simpler Site!

What is your role at Simpler Site?

At Simpler Site my primary role is to determine how we can provide the best value for our clients through digital communications. I serve as the web lead, and am the point person for all web design and website management projects. I love staying up to date on design trends, and enjoy doing my best to help clients shine online!

Who inspires you?

From a business perspective, I start every day reading Seth’s Blog. I appreciate Seth’s generous approach to putting excellent work out into the world. On a personal note, I’m inspired by people who challenge the status quo to pursue creative, free lives. I’m thankful for the leading ladies who’ve paved the way for future generations of women to find more freedom in choosing their own paths.

What are your favorite books?

-Lean Startup by Eric Ries
-Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett
-Consider the Lobster and Other Essays by David Foster Wallace

What are your favorite podcasts?

-The Daily
-Office Ladies
-Science Vs

Favorite client questions?

-I’m running into a challenge with my business. How can my website help?
-How can my website drive business results?

When you’re not working, what do you most enjoy doing?

Backpacking (I’ve walked almost the entirety of Oregon and Washington on the Pacific Crest Trail), vegetable gardening, mountain biking, having movie nights with Grandpa. I’ve been honing my risotto making skills—brussel sprout risotto is my current favorite! I love enjoying a beer by the river at Citybuilt Brewing. And, channeling some inner zen through the ukelele has been this year’s hobby of choice.

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