Website Launch & Maintenance


LockeyUSA came to us seeking a new website to increase sales and create a better user experience. LockeyUSA is a product-based wholesale business that uses its website to help users identify products for their unique situation and identify the best place to buy them.

In the design and development of the responsive WordPress site, we used Woocommerce for the product functionality and prioritized:

-Building a design that reflects LockeyUSA’s brand standards
-Building product search functionality
-Adding a store locator
-Creating a user experience that helps people quickly connect with the content they’re seeking.


“Simpler Site completely transformed the online presence for the brand I manage. They worked diligently to design an incredible website for us that is not only beautiful but extremely user friendly! Our site now converts more visitors into customers and we are constantly receiving compliments on how great it looks. Simpler Site is knowledgeable, professional, extremely responsive, and worked quickly to give us a better site than we could have even imagined.”

-Kara Kuntz, Marketing Manager

As a product-based small business, in our web design and development process it was important that LockeyUSA’s new website featured:

A filterable product catalog: With LockeyUSA’s vast selection of products, it was important that their website design made it as straightforward as possible for users to identify the most optimal products for their situation. This was accomplished by implementing a product filtering system that allowed users to filter and sort by a variety of elements.

A clear path to conversions: After helping prospective customers identify the correct product for their needs, our website redesign aimed to make it easier and more intuitive for users to convert by finding an online retailer or nearby distributor where they can purchase that product. This was accomplished by improving the “where to buy” pages and adding buttons at the bottom of each product page linking to online retailers and local distributors.

Project Highlights:


Product Page with Spec Sheets, Instructions, Zoomable Images

Product Page with Filtering System

Distributor Finder

Benefits of Working with Simpler Site


Simpler Site's project management systems keep you informed, not guessing.


Our team excels in delivering results. It’s why our clients stick with us for years.


We do what we say and say what we do. Your success is how we base ours.


Our nimble, driven team helps us keep project costs low and helps our clients meet goals.


Trust our data-centric approach to support cost-effective marketing decisions.

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