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Meredith Fennema leads web design projects. Meet Meredith!

Simpler Site simplifies the frustrating, time-consuming, and tedious process of creating and updating websites.

Agency-level prices are steeper than most small businesses want to pay. We try to be more reasonable.

Our Grand Rapids web design pricing is built with the small business in mind. We’d love to provide you a project quote. For reference, informational sites typically cost $3,000-$15,000. More complex sites with highly specific requirements typically cost $15,000+.


“As a new business owner needing a website Simpler Site was great to work with, they were and continue to be helpful as I work through how my website can best fit my company. Highly recommended and thankful I found them.”

– Dr. Aaron Plattner, Spero Psychiatric Services

Sit back and relax, thanks to our simple process.

Our web design processes are designed to respect your time and provide clarity about deliverables, status, and deadlines. We respond to calls and emails in a timely fashion and have thoughtfully prepared agendas for our meetings.  We are available to meet in person or via video conferencing at a cadence that works well for the project team. We use collaborative tools like Asana for task management and Google Drive for document collaboration.


What kind of web design does Simpler Site specialize in?

Simpler Site provides affordable, quality web design services that help businesses grow. We have experience building simple, informational websites and extensive wholesale/retail ecommerce websites for businesses in Grand Rapids, throughout the Midwest, and across North America.

We’re passionate about strategy and support the growth of our clients in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to professional services to consumer goods. Our commitment is to understand your business’s unique goals and challenges and create a web design that supports your bottom line.

Do you build custom websites?

Yes! We support Grand Rapids businesses with fully custom websites, built specifically for your business’s goals. This means that the design and functionality are completely tailored for your company’s brand, vision, and needs.

At the beginning of every project we will ask you about your brand identity and your vision for the look and feel of your new website. Do you have certain brand colors or brand fonts that should be used on your Grand Rapids web design? Are there elements from other company’s website designs you’d like to resemble on your website? When it comes to functionality, are there certain integrations you need?

We have experience building websites that line up with our client’s vision, and will make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your new website design!

What content management systems (CMS) do you work with?

Simpler Site specializes in WordPress web design. WordPress is our favorite content management system because it is highly customizable and it can easily scale for our customer’s needs.

Simpler Site also has experience managing content and/or building websites in Drupal, Shopify, and Squarespace content management systems. We’ve prepared an overview of Content Management Systems in this blog post. We’re happy to talk more about what content management system is the best fit for your business’s goals.

What is a typical web design budget?

Simpler Site’s Grand Rapids web design costs are determined based on the number of templates that need to be built, unique functional needs that require additional testing and development, amount of content that needs to be entered, etc. 

Projects are typically quoted with a low and high approximate. The higher approximation is used if website revisions, content, cross-browser testing, or other client-driven changes take longer than anticipated. 

We’d love to provide you a project quote. For context, informational sites typically cost $3,000-$15,000. More complex sites with highly specific requirements typically cost $15,000+.

What is a typical web design process?

Web design project timelines can be accelerated or lengthened based on your internal goals and schedules, and our capacity based on the scope of work. Here is a typical timeline to give you an idea how a project might go:

We’ll kick off the project with a meeting to review your high level site goals, target audience, information architecture, and brand assets. Based on this meeting we will prepare wireframes for the new site to guide design strategy. Wireframes typically go through one round revisions.

Week 2-3: DESIGN
Based on information gathered in the Strategy phase of the project, we’ll present a mood board to guide the look and feel of the design. Feedback will be incorporated until we have finalized the general look and feel of the site. After this we will create design templates (either desktop or mobile, whichever you prefer) for the pages identified in the strategy portion of the process. Design templates will go through
two rounds of client review and revisions, wherein we encourage setting up separate meetings, one to present our designs, and another to receive your feedback.

After templates are signed off on, we will go to work implementing all site copy and images, setting up the functionality features of the site, ensuring that all designs are optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile, and testing that everything is functioning as expected. Simpler Site will support all technical aspects related to site launch. Training can be handled virtually at this time as well if desired.

What functionality can you add to my web design?

At Simpler Site our goal is always to make our clients lives simple and easy! That means adding functionality to help Grand Rapids small businesses meet their own unique goals.

We have experience extending the funcionality of websites to include items such as:

Woocommerce integration
-Payment gateway integration
-Filter mechanism for store products
-Store/dealer locator
-Resource libraries
-Social media integration
-Contact forms
-Enewsletter signup
-Pop ups
-Age gateways

Have an integration or functional requirement not on this list? We’d love to learn more about your goals and promise 100% transparency in letting you know if we can help you out.

Where are you based? Who will create my web design?

All websites built by Simpler Site are made 100% in the USA. Our core team, Meredith Fennema and Josh Hiemstra, live and work in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We also partner with other Grand Rapids and US-based freelancers to bring in the expertise needed to accomplish your project’s goals.

Do you write content for websites, or will I need to do this myself?

Writing for the web is different from writing for print or social. It has its own style and requires a slight shift in tone. We have a network of writers who specialize in writing for web, and we are happy to facilitate the copywriting process for you. We can also take a look at the marketing materials you currently have created to repurpose it as web content – this is a relatively easy process for us to do! Some clients have the capacity to take on copywriting themselves for their new websites. Here are our top tips to be successful in writing for the web.

How are images chosen for my new website?

Selecting strategic, engaging imagery elevates the overall look and feel of your new web design and helps your audience stay engaged with your website content. At the beginning of the web design process it can be difficult to determine what images to use. You may have imagery in your current photo library that can be used on the site. Some clients find they need to supplement imagery with stock photos, and we are happy to assist with this process if that would be helpful. We can also support custom photography needs if you’d like help lining up a photographer and conducting a photoshoot. If you’re looking for more information, we’ve prepared a full guide to help you select the best imagery for your new website.

How will you help my website convert and achieve business goals?

With all our web design projects we implement best web design practices to reflect design trends. We organized content intuitively so your website’s users can quickly connect with the information they’re seeking. We also add Google Analytics to help you understand how customers are using your site. If desired we can also add Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console to support more in-depth data tracking and decisonmaking.

I'm confused how to approach my new website project! Can you help?

When you’re exploring options for your new web project, we know how confusing things can be. We have started other small businesses ourselves and remember asking questions like “What’s the difference between Squarespace and WordPress?” and “Do I need a web designer or website developer, or both?” and “How do I determine a budget for my project?” We believe in the power of paying it forward and helping other small businesses succeed. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love the opportunity to hear about your project and point you in the right direction, whether that’s with us or somewhere else. Call Meredith Fennema, web design lead, at (616) 920-9063 or email

With every web design project, we keep our clients’ goals at the center.

Whether you’re launching your first site or redesigning the one you already have, our focus is to help you achieve your unique goals. That’s because we judge our success by our customers’ success.

Maybe you want to grow your customer base. Or, perhaps you want to streamline customer service or operations. We know every business is different, so at the outset of every web design project, we make sure to understand what success looks like for you. We promise we won’t try to sell you on things you don’t need — and we’ll build you a website that will help you meet your business goals.

Our web design services will help your business set a good impression, serve customers, build brand trust, and stand apart from your competitors.

View our web design portfolio.

Or, are you looking for ongoing website management?

Benefits of Working with Simpler Site


Simpler Site's project management systems keep you informed, not guessing.


Our team excels in delivering results. It’s why our clients stick with us for years.


We do what we say and say what we do. Your success is how we base ours.


Our nimble, driven team helps us keep project costs low and helps our clients meet goals.


Trust our data-centric approach to support cost-effective marketing decisions.

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