How to Test Your Website Speed

People like fast websites. I think we all know that feeling. We’re on the search for some important information, click on a website only to have to wait 10-20 seconds for that page to load. Popup windows are everywhere, our browser just keeps circling and circling. And when you’re there all you want to do is get away from that website as fast as you possibly can.

If your business’s website is the one taking a long time to load, unfortunately you are most likely losing customers and potential customers in the process.

Wondering how to test your website speed? We’ve created a worksheet just for you. Click here to download the worksheet.

Tools to Test Site Speed

PageSpeed Insights

The first tool to check is Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Simply type in your website URL and press analyze. You’ll receive a Speed Score for both the mobile and desktop versions of your website. If your website is in the red, it may be a sign that it’s time to consider a redesign.  


The second tool to use is Pingdon’s Site Speed tool. Again type in your website’s URL and select the location nearest you to test from. The test will give you a performance grade and total page load time. It will also give you some recommendations for how to speed things up.


Then compare it with GTMetrix’s Site Speed tool, also outlined in your worksheet. Simply type in your URL and press Analyze. You’ll again get a letter score as well as the total time it took for your website to load.

If you’re looking to improve your website loading speed, we can help! Learn more about website maintenance services. You might also be interested in reading the tips we compiled in our Five Ways to Make Your Website Faster article, or contact Meredith Fennema, web design lead, at (616) 920-9063.

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