Is Your Website Looking Outdated? 7 Warning Signs to Check

How do you know if your website design is starting to look outdated? It’s recommended that websites are redesigned approximately every three years, but when you’re tight on budget this may be unattainable.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve considered a redesign, we’ve created a list of some of the top warning signs of a (far) outdated design:

Does your website have too much text?

As users read less and less and skim more and more, it’s important that you don’t overwhelm visitors with too much text. Rather, use clear headlines, and keep your copy concise. Instead of asking your visitors to read paragraphs and paragraphs looking for information, make sure you have clear calls to action integrated throughout your page.

Are your photos outdated?

A second warning sign that your website may be looking outdated is if you have no photos, or low-quality, low-resolution photos. Photos tell a story without forcing people to read. A quality image or photo that complement your branding and description is a powerful tool.

We compiled a full guide for finding quality photography “How to Choose Imagery for your Website” if you’d like additional help.

How is your typography?

When it comes to fonts, does your website use small fonts? Or are you using fonts like Times New Roman or Comic Sans MS? These are often warning signs of an outdated website.

Along these lines, does your website have reverse type? This is when you have light type on a dark background, and especially when fonts are small it can be quite difficult to read.

 What about your color scheme?

Does your website use lots of different colors for different elements? Or does your website have lots of primary colors like bright blue or bright red fonts or buttons? This was a great trend for the early 2000’s but now looks quite outdated.

Are videos or music automatically playing?

Another sign of an outdated website is if your website has music or videos that start playing as soon as your page loads. And, note that Flash and Java are a big no no. Most mobile devices can’t handle either software and Chrome no longer even supports Flash.

Does your website have glossy buttons?

The glossy button effect was very popular when Photoshop added this design technique back in the day, but now buttons with flat colors are much more stylish.

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