Google SEO Office Hours

Google Office Hours

SEO is an ever-changing game, and it is essential to stay up-to-date on the changes and recommendations search engines are making in order to implement a successful SEO strategy. As part of these efforts, Simpler Site’s SEO & data lead Josh Hiemstra attends Google SEO office hours every 1-2 weeks.

For the Google SEO office hours, John Mueller, search advocate on the search relations team at Google, answers people’s SEO questions and challenges. This Q&A time gives insights on how Google search algorithms work, as the answers to questions come straight from the source.  Typical questions involve SEO topics such as SEO ranking, how google crawlers typically work, sitemaps, content, website structure, Google algorithm updates, and more SEO related questions.

Questions come from various types of websites.  Questions come from people working on small or large websites, as well as all types of websites (eCommerce websites, brochure websites, media websites, entertainment websites, and more).  With this large variety of backgrounds, the Google SEO office hours provides a great resource to understand challenges others are facing and how to solve the challenges.

We will review the Google SEO office hours for each month. After the monthly review, we will compile the top questions and answers into a monthly blog post.  We will paraphrase the questions and answers to help summarize the content.  Refer back to this page for the new monthly post.

Through reviewing the Google SEO office hours, we expect to see trends with challenges as well as new challenges with ongoing changes to the Google algorithms.  We will highlight these trends as well as new challenges in the posts.

See list below for links to our monthly Google SEO Office Hour posts

Note: We focus on how Google’s search engine works as the data shows this is the most widely used search engine.  Other search engines will work slightly differently than Google’s.  However, the current data points to focusing on Google’s search engine.

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